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My passion is helping men, women, and children with hair loss. I spent 24 years leading a renowned organization in hair restoration. Now, I have launched Unique Hair Concepts (“UHC”) as the place where I can create a comforting environment and directly impact the lives of my clients.Like plenty of other industries, hair restoration is a realm that can make people uncomfortable. Even if you've accepted that you have a hair loss problem, that won't make choosing a solution any easier. The difference you will see at UHC is that you'll get straightforward, personalized answers. Ours is a small team of hair loss specialists who are in this industry because they genuinely love it. We'll tell our clients when they don't need something. We're happy to give you lots of information and the time to process your decision. Ultimately, we are here for our clients’ comfort – both in our studio and out in the world in your everyday life. Please call (914) 412-7700 or visit our website at for an appointment.

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