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Full Micropigmentation | Scalp Micropigmentation SMP Hair Tattoo

Joe Barghi
Full Micropigmentation | Scalp Micropigmentation SMP Hair Tattoo

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Joe Barghi has had a very interesting life, full of travel, love, adventures along with a relentless drive, passion to help others, eagerness to learn, and many accomplishments and accolades. A very unique life path has led him to where he is now as the Founder and CEO of FULL Micropigmentation, a company he whole-heartedly believes in, and has set out to ensure becomes the leading Scalp Micropigmentation company in the World.In 2015, Joe Barghi discovered Micropigmentation, and immediately following his final session, he became fascinated with learning more about this amazing art-form. Through his own personal experience, he realized the power of SMP and how it can help people change their lives for the better, giving them the power to live confident, fulfilling, happy lives. After seeking one of the best SMP artists in the world, taking the time to learn and apprentice under him, and putting in thousands of hours mastering his craft, Joe knew it was time to launch his vision: FULL Micropigmentation, a cutting edge, forward thinking Scalp Micropigmentation Company that provides the most modern solution available today for hair loss. Turning a passion, a life-long mission, and a love for helping others into a rewarding and successful business, Joe had found his calling.“Micropigmentation has not only emotionally impacted my clients, but it has also changed my life for the better. There is no better feeling or business than one where you’re able to impact the lives of those around you so deeply and positively. My philosophy in life always revolves around giving, as it is in giving that we receive.”Joe Barghi – Founder/CEO

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  • Full Micropigmentation | Scalp Micropigmentation SMP Hair Tattoo
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