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The mission of doctors is to provide better care to their patients. This is what Dr. Ray Woods is doing throughout his career as a doctor. Because of his concern for his patients, he makes huge developments in the field of hair transplant surgery. Dr. Ray Woods got his degree in medicine from the Sydney Medical School University in 1982. When he began his career as a doctor, he realised that patients are not getting satisfying results from their hair transplant surgery. Some of the patients complained that it takes too long for the wounds to heal, while some stated that they see visible scars in the donor area of their scalp. This motivated Dr. Ray Woods to make improvements on hair transplant technology.Dr. Ray Woods began his research and after several years, he developed a technique that brought hair transplant surgery to new heights. In 1986, he perfected FUE and introduced it to the public. The technique does not produce any scars and the dramatically reduce healing time for the patients. The benefits brought by this technique made it very popular not only in Australia, but also around the world. His technique was featured in magazines, medical publications, television and radio. He was also invited by different countries to conduct seminars about FUE.Even though FUE has been a huge success, Dr. Ray Woods does not stop on making improvements on hair transplant technology. After 12 years since the FUE was introduced, Dr. Ray Woods come up with another brilliant technique known as BHT. The technique follows similar procedures as FUE, but the main difference is that the donor hair is extracted from body hair instead. In this way, the risk of getting scars in the scalp is reduced to zero. Dr. Ray Woods’s concern for his patients is the main reason why he will keep on improving hair transplant technology.

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