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Svetlana Danovich MD, Top Cosmetic Surgeon in NYC

Svetlana Danovich MD, PhD, FACS
Svetlana Danovich MD, Top Cosmetic Surgeon in NYC

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Dr. Svetlana Danovich is the founder of SD Medical Arts located in New York. She is a board-certified surgeon recognized internationally for her innovative techniques and surgical prowess. Dual trained and licensed in Cosmetic, as well as general Surgery, Dr. Danovich is committed to providing the finest surgical treatment available, along with offering state of the art procedures to her patients. As an artist and surgeon she combines outstanding surgical skills with a keen eye for aesthetic enhancements, providing optimum natural results.Dr. Danovich has been in solo practice since 2013, is affiliated with numerous hospitals, and is an active member of many teaching programs both in New York City and Long Island. In 2016 she completed a state of the art cosmetic surgical facility located in Manhattan on 52nd Street and Fifth Avenue. Dr. Danovich holds the distinction of having written and spoken extensively on cosmetic/plastic surgical topics both in the United States and internationally at the major medical symposia. Recognized for her superior talents by her peers, the media, and her patients Dr. Danovich has been published in leading scientific journals worldwide, reinforcing her position as a leading New York based cosmetic surgeon. With her great understanding of some of the most challenging cases, as well as correcting the negative affects of the aging process associated with today’s busy lifestyle, she and her team provide and maintain the highest standards of patient safety and care.To be a leader in the field of cosmetic surgical artistry, a doctor must demonstrate an extensive understanding of the human body in addition to aesthetic ability. Dr. Svetlana Danovich has these credentials as a top cosmetic surgeon in New York City and Long Island. Her training is focused on the most advanced cosmetic procedures available and as one of the few female cosmetic surgeons, she has an aesthetic awareness that sets her apart from all others in her field.

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  • Svetlana Danovich MD, Top Cosmetic Surgeon in NYC
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