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Dr. Hedieh Arbabzadeh - WPS Fresno

Hedieh Arbabzadeh MD
Dr. Hedieh Arbabzadeh - WPS Fresno

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Healthcare is at a crossroads. Cumbersome billing, slim margins, sophisticated consumers and emerging technologies are creating unprecedented challenges. As a physician executive who's married clinical and business success for 17 years, I view these challenges as opportunities. I'VE TURNED THOSE OPPORTUNITIES INTO:-A free -standing, 7-figure plastic surgery practice with technology, branding and outcomes on par with leaders in the US market. -A first-of-its-kind, 7 figure, accredited, highly rated, multi-discipline surgical facility that sold for a high multiple to a national healthcare organization. -A contribution as a surgeon and educator to a residency program at a regional medical center and Level 1 trauma center.Having built an ecosystem of physicians, physician extenders, non-surgical clinicians and administrative staff at my practice at Women's Plastic Surgery FresnoI'M READY TO UNCOVER NEW OPPORTUNITIES AS:-Chief Medical Officer at a large facility or medium-to-large healthcare network-Executive integrator with organization who is defining what healthcare will look like in 5-10 years.My unique understanding of both clinical and business sides of our industry--including payer contracts, physician relations, and marketing--allows me to make significant contributions quickly.If you are equally passionate about what healthcare could be, I welcome your

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