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ForHair NYC Restoration Clinic - Dr. John Cole

Dr. John P Cole
ForHair NYC Restoration Clinic - Dr. John Cole

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Our hair transplant group has over 22 combined years experience in treating hair loss. We entered the field of hair restoration because we love it. We are all passionate about our work and our patients. You will not find a more dedicated and concerned team anywhere in the world. Our staff consist of dedicated exclusively to hair restoration. We are world renowned in the field of hair restoration as expert physicians. We are sought after by many medical societies, physicians, as well as, other hair restoration groups for their knowledge and skills. We are "original idea" thinkers, innovators, and inventors Our ingenuity is unmatched, as is our cosmetic result. We accept nothing short of perfection from our entire surgical staff. Our staff consists of physicians from around the world. International hair transplant physicians serve as members of the International Society of Hair Restorations Surgery, The American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, The European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, and the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. They travel around the world interviewing other physicians and attending hair loss/restoration meetings in hope of bringing the latest developments to their patients. No team is more dedicated to providing their patients with the latest advancements in hair restoration.Goals:We entered the field of hair transplants with one goal in mind - to be the best. This begins with our patient education. Each case of hair loss is unique and must be treated in a completely customized approach. We are assisted in this effort by instruments and procedures we invented over the years in an effort to provide the most state of the art methods. With the CIT procedure, we look forward to providing a new sense of hope to many hair loss sufferers who are seeking the best possible solution to their hair loss even when the traditional hair transplant methods can not help.

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