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NURSING EXPERT:I have served as a resource and content expert as a nurse practitioner (NP) at my current and past lead positions. An example included studying and researching simulation education for outpatient clinics. The modules were so successful that the results were published. By educating staff on best practices for emergent events, we optimized patient outcomes. In fact, this teaching was so popular it was disseminated to other Urgent Care ambulatory outpatient clinics.NURSING LEADER, CHANGE AGENT, LEGISLATIVE INVOLVEMENT:I have been involved in change initiatives at the legislative level that included meeting with community members, stakeholders, and public officials regarding state-approved doula workers and increased data collection on Oregon birth certificates to broaden understanding on the variables that influence birth outcomes. Additionally, during my doctoral program, I was able to study change theory with OHSU’s former Dean Michael Bleich. CREATOR OF MEDICAL POLICIES, PROCEDURES, AND GUIDELINES:I created all of the workflows at my last two clinics. One triage protocol, vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy, I later published with Advanced Practice Education Associates. This is another example of how I researched evidence, examined existing processes, innovated them as needed, and fostered sustainability

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