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I am one of only 10 Practitioners using Microscopy in UK Clinics. Examination of the hair root can provide good indication as to probable cause of any hair loss, or what could be interfering with normal hair growth cycle and quality. The use of Microscopy can reveal essential information about the structure and condition of the hair, and any obvious deficiencies such as a lack of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.I initially trained as a hairdresser and quickly specialised in hair reconstruction techniques for damaged and inadequately conditioned hair. I then trained with the Societié Francaise de Biosthetiques, and learned new natural treatments for hair loss and thinning, scalp and skin care, thus enabling me to blend bespoke lotion applications for use on various hair, scalp and skin conditions.My knowledge and expertise combined with the use of Microscopy ensures that your hair , scalp and skin concerns can be assessed and put on a natural road to recovery and uses complementary healing approaches rather than using harsh chemicals often found in other hair and skin methods.As with most natural approaches such as homeopathy, acupuncture, nutritional and allergy-focused, specialists will often detoxify the body before starting the healing process. The Biosthetique approach offers a way of detoxifying the scalp to allow the body's healing, self-righting powers to function, and with the removal of impurities, hair could grow unhindered and subsequent interventions could penetrate more easily and be more effective.So after a few years learning and shadowing fellow Biostheticians and passing my three levels of microscopy. I now have a hair and scalp consultancies at The Hale Clinic, London, Colchester and I also partner a world renowned Trichologist and colleague in his practice in Brentwood.

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