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Anouska Cassano is a highly experienced micro-pigmentation practitioner. She is a member of BABTAC and SPCP is a recognised expert within the broader field of micro-pigmentation where she is the technical expert for CIBTAC advising on all forms of micro-pigmentation.It is in the area of scalp-micro pigmentation that Anouska is specifically regarded as being an expert in her field, having worked with some of the leading hair transplantation clinics and surgeons in both the UK, Europe and USA. In June 2014, Anouska was invited to attend the International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery European Workshop in Brussels to demonstrate her HPT® technique for scar camouflage to over 150 of the worlds leading hair restoration surgeons. Her HPT® scalp micro-pigmentation training course is the only course of its kind to have been independently endorsed by VTCT, BABTAC and CIBTAC. Additionally, the course has gained global training accreditation through the Skin Health Alliance.Anouska works with a number of the UK’s leading medical professionals in the fields of psychology, dermatology, hair restoration surgery, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery as well as non-surgical aesthetic practitioners. Working with such a broad cross section of patients highlighted the need for a standardised and consistent approach for the initial patient engagement, given the diversity of aesthetic and cosmetic treatments available and the importance of having a unique understanding of each individual patient’s goals as they relate to aesthetic or cosmetic change. This led to the inception of Advanced Consultation Training (A.C.T.) which she created in collaboration with Dr. Glenn M. Callaghan Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training at San Jose State University.Additionally, Anouska has written a number of articles for publications including PRIME International Journal Of Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine, Aesthetics Journal and Aesthetics Medicine Magazine.

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