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Hair Transplant in Chennai

Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran
Hair Transplant in Chennai

About Us

I am a board certified and trained plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. My approach has been to focus on the needs of my patients and to deliver the highest standards in care to each one of them. It is with this belief that I started Tamira in 2015. I wanted to create an Institution of excellence in Aesthetic Healthcare focusing on teaching along with research and development. In 2017, I created the “Tamira Medical Spa” with a vision to offer 360 Degrees coverage of all wellness related procedures including lifestyle and Aesthetic Dentistry.Today Tamira is a specialty aesthetic healthcare centre offering surgical and non surgical wellness procedures. Tamira Aesthetic Surgical Centre offers cosmetic surgery, Bariatric surgery and cosmetic vein surgery while Tamira Aesthetic Medical Spa deals with lifestyle, skin, hair and dental services. Currently, it is a strong single unit with 6 surgeons, 3 physicians and 37 Nursing and Admin staffs. There is a paradigm shift in the thought processes of the healthcare industry and gradually, the industry is moving towards preventive healthcare in an attempt increase the life expectancy of individuals. Tamira aims to enable them with the confidence to socialize with a younger fraternity. Youthful exuberance isn’t a result, it is a conscious choice and Tamira wishes to enable youthful exuberance across India. As far as short term goals are concerned, we are looking to expand across South India with 5 more branches and are looking to establish a fully integrated state of the art in patient centre to provide enhanced and more personalised care for our clients. I am happy to state that me and Tamira have enabled over 3000+ happy transformations. When our customers choose Tamira, you choose over 50 years of combined Cosmetic Surgery experience with exceptional skill and results.

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