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Dr. El-Masri is regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts in the area of minimally invasive surgical hair transplantation for the restoration of thinning hair. Doctor William S. El-Masri is also one of Toronto’s most well-known and sought-after cosmetic surgeons, with a reputation for excellence. His aesthetic and precise skill set, as well as his caring demeanor, have elevated him to the position of a prominent surgeon in the fields of rhinoplasty and face and neck reconstruction as well as hair restoration.Dr. El-Masri has a great deal of surgical expertise under his belt. He received his medical degree from the University of Alexandria in 1974 and previously served as the Chief of the Department of Otolaryngology at Toronto East General Hospital. He is presently employed as a physician at Toronto East General Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital, in addition to having a thriving private practice in Toronto.Dr. El-Masri also teaches residents and medical students at the University of Toronto School of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, and Facial Cosmetic Surgery. Hair restoration treatments and otology are two key areas in which he is very passionate and skilled. His areas of specialization include otolaryngology, which focuses on diseases of the ear and accompanying tissues, as well as thyroid surgery, cosmetic rhinoplasty, and sinus surgery.Dr. El-Masri acquired an interest in the aesthetic side of precision microsurgical procedures throughout the course of his career, and he started performing hair restoration surgery as a result. Dr. El-Masri is particularly keen in the artistic and holistic aspects of hair restoration, where his level of ability and artistic pursuits in performing the complexities of hair transplantation come together to guarantee that each patient’s expectations are exceeded with the highest of standards, compassion, and craftsmanship.Dr. El-Masri has acquired the skills required for performing FUE, and FUT procedures in addition to hair grafting techniques. When dealing with difficult hair repair or hair loss situations, the ability to implement the proper method of hair restoration is critical in ensuring the best possible outcomes for the patients. For this reason, Dr. El-Masri has gained extensive experience in order to perfect his ability to assist his patients.Even to this day, he has refined his process and has offered hundreds of patients with wonderful and natural-looking results. Dr. El-Masri and his highly qualified medical team individually execute each and every hair restoration assessment as well as every hair transplant treatment they undertake at Nova Medical Hair Transplant.

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