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Boston Direct Health Primary Care in Boston, MA

Dr. Steven Zivich
Boston Direct Health Primary Care in Boston, MA

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Family medicine physician delivering full scope care, practicing evidence-based medicine including treatment of chronic illnesses and HIV medicine. Passionate about providing care for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer community. Excels in multidisciplinary healthcare team setting utilizing exceptional communication skills and leadership. Incorporates new national guidelines in office setting with new ingenious and insightful ideas for quality improvement.Boston Direct Health is a new primary care clinic for you and your family offering a meaningful alternative to the traditional primary care practice. Our physicians are paid directly by you the patient, not receiving a dime from insurance companies. The upfront transparent pricing without having to worry about copayments or deductibles allows for the personal care that you deserve. Membership will be limited, to ensure easily accessible physicians, with same day and next day availabilities. Limited membership will also ensure less time spent in the waiting room along with less rushed, longer appointments

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