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Facial Sculpting | Dr Nina Bal

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Dr Nina Bal started life as Germana Bal or ‘Germanina’ as her mother would call her, meaning little Germana. Growing up in a small town in then Italian Alps called Aosta, her father was a skiing instructor and she too became a keen skier from the age of three. Nina as she came to be known to her friends and family when her little brother wasn’t able to pronounce Germanina, became Nina the professional skier and competed in slalom events before starting university and embarking on a dental career, Dr Nina. This illustrious career has since now evolved into a celebrated, award-winning London-based foothold as the aesthetics practitioner you see today on TV screens and in her busy, successful clinic.Dr Nina Bal is a Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Advanced Facial Aesthetics Clinician who, in 2008, graduated at the top of her year with distinction (BDS magna cum laude), and gained a highly respected diploma after completing a one-year Postgraduate in Cosmetic Dentistry and Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry in London.A member of the General Dental Council, she is also a member of SaveFace (the National Register of Accredited Practitioners who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments), IAFFA (The International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics ) and JCCP (Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners, the body that registers practitioners and approved education and training providers with the key remit of ensuring patient safety).You might recognise her from TV as Dr Nina is the official cosmetic dentist in the Series 2 of the UK Tv Show Bodyfixers on E4 and from This Morning Show with Holly and Phil on ITV. Dr Nina and her work have been featured many times in Forbes, Evening Standard, Harvard, Metro, Tatler, The Times, The Sun, Sunday Mirror, Thrive Global and Adweek just to name a few.Dr. Nina is the winner of the Private Healthcare Awards 2021 asBest Aesthetics Facial Sculpting Specialist and the 2020 Global Excellence Awards for the Most Outstanding Facial Sculpting Treatments. Dr Nina is also the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2018 winner in the Facial Aesthetics category – Full Facial Treatment and won Finalist in the Facial Aesthetics – Dermal Fillers category in 2019. In 2017 she was shortlisted as one of the best young dentists in the UK by the highly prestigious Dental Awards.

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