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Hair Transplant Clinic Dr. Panno Trichologist

Dr. Ezequiel Panno
Hair Transplant Clinic Dr. Panno Trichologist

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Dr. Panno is a Specialist Surgeon in Hair Transplantation and Regenerative Anti alopecia Therapy,member of the Spanish Medical College Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and activemember of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).After completing his medical training, he has exclusively dedicated himself to preventativemedicine and surgery, specialising in hair transplantation and medicine in Argentina, Brazil, theUnited States and Canada. Hehas been active in Europe since 2005.He is an expert in FUE technique, pioneer in trichophytic suture and leader in hair grafting withmore than 15 years of experience and 7,000 satisfactory surgical treatments. Since he began hisprofessional career he has performed more than 17,000 hair treatments.He was part of the medical team that performed the first reconstructive hair transplant in theNational Health System in University Hospital Ramón and Cajal .He has developed his own surgical and instrumental techniques as well as his own line ofcosmetic hair products, fruit of his exclusive dedication to the research in the field of HairTransplantation.He is currently developing research in conjunction with other professionals on the use of stemcells applied to hair transplantation, and deepens research in the field of non-surgical treatments.He is one of the specialists most demanded in Spain, thanks to the development of his owntechnique of super close trychophytic suture and hair surgeon referring in Spain by hiseducational facet.He has been speaker in numerous scientific events, among others in the first, second, third andfourth courses of Ramon and Cajal Hospital, a training program for Dermatologists, the annualSEMAL Congress (Spanish Society for Anti-ageing and Longevity Medicine) and the Master ofAesthetic Medicine at the University of Córdoba.

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