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First and foremost, Naomi Fenlin is a mom. After watching her daughter suffer year after year with terrible cystic Acne, Fenlin desperately wanted to find a solution to clear her daughter's skin. No product worked, no prescription did what was intended, and in the end Naomi's daughter was left frustrated, depressed, and still acne-ridden. Never a quitter, Naomi entered the world of aesthetics in an effort to learn how to fix her daughter's skin problem. After years of experimentation and study, Fenlin developed her own Acne protocol and has since established a unique method of using lasers to erase all signs of current and past acne.Naomi Fenlin, Laser Technician and Certified Medical Esthetician, began About Face Skin Care in 2011 in order to create a skin care business specifically honed to satisfy the skin care needs and wants of her patients. Naomi brings decades of health care experience to her work. Having completed her undergraduate education at Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, graduate school at the Rhode Island School of Design, and Widener Law School, Naomi's vast and varied educational and professional experiences are evident in all aspects of her Aesthetic Practice.In the field of skincare Naomi Fenlin has established herself as an expert in a variety of areas. As the first owner of the Solta "Isolaz" Acne Laser sold in the country, Fenlin has performed thousands of Isolaz acne treatments. Naomi Fenlin is also an instructor for Thermage laser skin tightening and Fraxel skin-resurfacing treatments, demonstrating and teaching doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals across the country how to best perform these wonderful skin treatments.With outstanding results as her focus, Fenlin’s never-ending mission is to provide the highest quality of skin care service possible.And her daughter? If you saw her, you'd be hard-pressed to believe she wasn't born with the perfect, porcelain, blemish-free skin she now has.

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