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I am a NCCPA Board Certified Physician Assistant that specializes in Regenerative Medicine. My practices are located in Palm Beach, Florida and Manhattan, New York and we focus on helping educate patients and practitioners on what most call holistic, integrative, alternative or anti-aging medicine. The human body is designed to take care of itself and if put in the right environment it will keep itself functioning proficiently, clinically I aim at helping people focus on wellness, health maintenance, & disease prevention.My passion would have to be training other practitioners and offices to incorporate modalities like Stem Cell & PRP Therapies, Exosomes, and other Biohacking techniques into their practice. My main question to other colleagues is, medicine is evolving, are you? My training program focuses on advanced training guided by medical experts, where physicians and mid-level practitioners will work beside each other learning the science and medical techniques available for patients. Providers will learn how to process, harvest, and use stem cells, PRP, exosomes, and other functional modalities into their practices. They will learn injection methods for orthopedic, aesthetics, hair restoration, and sexual recharge as well as how it can be given to chronically ill or degenerative disease patients.

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