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Joseph Paris has been designing custom Medical Hair Prostheses for more than 50 years. Our MHP Hair System is a full wig design that is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear on a daily basis, whether you have Alopecia or are undergoing Chemotherapy treatment.Our patented design process enables us to harvest a portion of your own hair BEFORE you begin Chemo treatment, incorporating your own hair into your finished MHP System. The result is a reproduction of your exact hairline specifications prior to Hair Loss. Nothing looks more natural than your own hair. If you’ve already lost hair from treatment (it’s not to late) but it is important to start looking for a wig early. We still can reproduce your exact hairline specifications using hair that we provide for you, and reproduce your look from photographs.Imagine seeing the person you recognize in the mirror each day during your treatment & recovery. The MHP will help give you the confidence to continue with your normal life. If you’ve just been prescribed chemotherapy, book a free consultation with yourHAIRx as soon as possible. Our process is totally discreet, and thoroughly effective.Please Visit:

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