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Sean-Jordan Baruch, one of our finalists for Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year 2017 from Baruch Hair Transplant Centre Limited let us know why he is proud to work in his industry..."I went into the field of hair loss as it gave myself and the patient a rewarding experience. I meet children to pensioners with similar problems and aim to conquer each and every case. I did not follow the path of many and offer one treatment only. I inherited all procedures in one building and keep adding new technologies to our portfolio. As a medical professional, I have worked in a variety of roles throughout my career, always seeking new ways to serve people and to make a positive impact on their lives. The purpose of Baruch Hair Loss Clinic is to provide high-quality treatments and services to women, men, and children who are suffering from hair loss, with a particular focus on low-level laser therapy.In 2015, I launched Baruch hair Transplant Centre Ltd, through which I offer hair transplantation services in the UK. I hold the trademark for the “Pay as You Grow™” payment plan, and running a Care Quality Commission-compliant company, I have a strong reputation for ethical clinics across Europe.

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