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Total Cover Plus Hair System London

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HAIR is my passion and helping people with my passion is a truly rewarding experience. With TOTAL COVER PLUS we help people to overcome their hair loss issues and restore their confidence.By following the simple pricniple of honesty and by simply using the latest technology we can educate people to understand their options when it comes to hair loss and then make a competent decision on what to do. This ensures that fewer people fall for cheap advertising tricks and actually become happy. Furthermore we work closely with Salons and Stylists and help them evolve their business and their - here you can see what we do.I have a diverse professional background and a very varied portfolio.My educational background is law and economics. I started to work as freelance project manager and negotiator in the music business and realised 100+ music projects. Soon I joined the M.E.H. Group as product and new venture manager. I managed/supervised the enclosing of nature reserves and the creation of a refuse utilisation infrastructure in the Middle East. The product management involved gave me the opportunity to follow my interests in the health/beauty/fashion sector and to work with hair.Specialties: product management and marketing

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