Hair transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant Trust Network

Hair transplant industry size

Hair transplant will be a $40+ billion dollar industry by 2026.

It is one of the most common surgical procedures in the world, and it has been used to combat hair loss for decades.

It is also one of the few medical procedures doctors pay significant amounts for referrals.

That's why platforms such as Quora, Google business reviews, or hair transplant forums are full of biased comments.

Non-biased hair transplant clinic reviews

These reviews usually come from people who have a vested interest in the service, either as a business partner or a former patient receiving an affiliate commission.

What's the solution?
"The Hair Transplant Trust Network."

How does it work?

Doctors, the staff, or former patients of hair transplant clinics sign up with the network using their personal Linkedin profiles. It's completely free to do so.

As a potential patient, you also log in to our website with your Linkedin account (free for you as well.)

We'll let you know if there's someone within your extended network who can either

- Endorse the clinic itself,
- (This is much more likely) indirectly witness the satisfaction of a former patient through mutual acquaintances.

Hair transplant trust network

Please note that you don't need to know this mutual contact between you and the clinic personally. A stranger, who is one person away from someone you trust, is still much more reliable than a "walking ad" who doesn't disclose his interest in a potential transaction.

This gentleman had his hair transplant two years ago, but he's so motivated to share the name of his clinic that he still holds the title "The most viewed writer"  about hair transplants on Quora:

What is the likelihood of finding someone I can trust on your network?

The current size of our database holds more than 20 million people on 3rd-degree connections, so there's a good chance that we'll find someone who is directly connected to either a clinic or a former patient of theirs.

And if not, we'll notify you when such a person has been added to the network.

Hair transplant network on Linkedin

What's in it for us?

Since signing up is free, we're not trying to sell a network membership to the clinics. So, there's no reason for us to be biased toward any clinic.

We get your consent for sharing your contact information with relevant clinics, and we share it with only those who have a connection within your network.

We make money if a clinic thinks you're a good fit. Since they will be paying for it, you won't get spammed by irrelevant clinics that cannot offer you a solution.

How do they make sure that they can help you?

We have invested in a tool that simulates your image based on your unique face and hair attributes. So both you and the doctors can see the impact of a hair transplant on your hairline:

Before-after hair transplant simulation

If you're interested in becoming a part of the trust network, please fill out the form below:

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