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Dr. William D. Yates, MD

Dr. William Yates
Dr. William D. Yates, MD

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William Yates, MD is a board certified hair restoration surgeon and is considered an expert throughout the nation in FUE Hair Transplant practices. Dr. Yates brings over 20 years of experience in his field having started hair transplant procedures exclusively since 2005. Dr. Yates is constantly improving his procedures and is on the leading edge of technology within the industry. Having been a hair transplant patient himself, Dr. Yates understands the difference hair restoration can make toward improving one’s appearance and self-confidence. Dr. Yates received his undergraduate training and medical degree from Northwestern University, and his residency training in General Surgery from Howard University Hospital. He also fellowship trained with training in critical care and trauma from the University of Maryland. He is a prolific author and lecturer in the hair restoration community.Along side Yates Hair Science Group, he also provides effective security solutions and COVID-19 protection to schools and other venues to prevent the increasing incidences of tragedy in our nation.

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