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Anya Herley
Restoration U | Scalp Micropigmentation Glasgow

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I help woman and men experiencing hair loss restore their hairlines and their confidence through the magic of SMP. Whether you are suffering from thinning hair or pattern baldness, there is a fast affordable and long lasting solution that provides instant results. That solution is scalp micropigmentation and I’m thrilled to have been providing this service from my home clinic in Glasgow for over a year now. Like many who were furloughed or sadly made redundant in 2020, I started to explore how I could forge a career in an area that would provide me with the fulfilment I was seeking. During that journey and upon noticing that there was a massive unmet need for effective hair loss solutions, I made the leap and undertook the industry leading Level 4 training and certification which opened the door for me to embark on a new career in SMP. Every day I get to transform appearances and give people back the confidence they once lost, whist building my profile and being my own boss. Since starting Restoration U, I have worked with a range of individuals experiencing minimal hair loss to the most severe form which is alopecia totalis. Some of the amazing benefits of treating hair loss with SMP include:✔️ Instant results – See the difference after a single session✔️ Convenience – No downtime or maintenance, just get on with your life✔️ Longevity – results last years✔️ Achieve the perfected shaved head look with a bespoke hairline✔️ Disguise areas of hair loss and baldness to give the illusion of thicker and denser hair✔️ Female hair loss - Revolutionising treatment for womanIn each case the transformation I see on both the outside and inside fills me with an immense sense of satisfaction. I’m always thrilled to share my experience and open people’s awareness to this amazing procedure.

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