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Hair Replacement by Gigi

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Hair replacement expert teaches her creative hair loss solutions to stylists around the worldGloria "Gigi" Ford shares her expertise on hair replacement around the world and continues to develop information products for colleagues and clients. She has traveled to China and Indonesia, researching design hair prosthesis. She has earned a Masters degree in Cosmetology from the National Beauty Culture League and is working on her PhD. Associating with several organizations including the American Cancer Society, she runs a nonprofit agency called Locks to Give. Gigi runs her business of teaching hair replacement to students out of San Leandro in the San Francisco Bay Area.As a global educator, Gigi spreads knowledge throughout the hair design industry about new techniques based on her research and creative ideas. Many of her ideas have been developed by hair manufacturers and distributors. Her expertise covers hair prosthesis design, hair replacement, consulting, product/project development, program planning and training curriculum and design. Gigi is known for providing solutions to women of color experiencing hair loss. Devoted to hair design, she has written books about starting a hair design business, insurance, the business plan, a what to say guide and a teacher's textbook The curriculumHer informative books are available on her website. HairreplacementbyGigi

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