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Hairmedic - The Iain Sallis Trichology Clinic

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Hairmedic - The Iain Sallis Trichology Clinic

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Trichologists (hair loss specialists), Business/education/Media savy.Helping professionalise Trichology to a higher standard, bridge builder between the many facets of hair science.Director of several companies including Hairmedic Ltd, which specialises in clinical hair and scalp problems. There are 11 Hairmedic clinics located throughout the country, please see the Hairmedic website for more details.A brief rundown of the many companies I am part of:IST Consultancy Ltd is the expert witness (medico-legal report) writing company where we can act as a Part 35 Expert witness for Claimant's and Defendant's regarding hair damage and scalp issues.Hairmedic Solutions Ltd; a company dedicated to producing high quality hair health products.ITC Ltd; Education, business network platform for specialists in Hair, (Trichologists, Hair restoration surgeons, Cosmetic chemists, hair biologists).TPDP Ltd; The Trichology Professional Development programme ws set up to spear-head the professionalisation of Trichology, raise standards and education levels.

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