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DFW Aesthetics, Amanda Peterson

Amanda Peterson
DFW Aesthetics, Amanda Peterson

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Amanda Peterson is a professional aesthetician at the Center of Aesthetic Surgery in Colleyville, TX. Amanda is certified in medical aesthetics, cosmetic injections and laser practices with nine years of experience under her belt and is in high demand in her field. Always Passionate About SkincareAmanda’s love for skin health started at a young age and has only grown over the years. “I am very passionate about skincare and being able to change someone’s skin because it changes them as a person.” Customized For Every ClientAmanda is committed to exceeding the expectations of every individual patient by customizing a treatment plan that caters to their specific skin needs. Her attention to individuality has made her an extremely sought after professional in the aesthetic world. “My boss jokes and says I have a bleeding heart to help people! If money is an object I will find a way to change my patient’s skin without them having to spend their savings. “ It is crucial to Amanda that all of her clients feel good about their skin. She has countless heartfelt memories of patient experiences. Whether the patient is aging, suffers from acne, or other medical conditions, Amanda is able to formulate a unique plan for each individual. It really is all about helping the client.One of her patients is an elderly woman who has battled cancer. Amanda has helped her regain her confidence. “… Each day her husband sends me pictures…and she has a bigger smile and walks a little taller.”ContactCenter of Aesthetic Surgery75 Main Street, Suite 150Colleyville, TX 76034(817)503-2442

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