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I graduated the cosmetology program at the Aveda Institute of Denver, Colorado in 2007. Very soon thereafter I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the entirely too young age of 28. At this time I was realizing that I really wanted and needed a niche in my career to be both successful and engaged. I was in fact going through treatment for cancer and the doctors were threatening Chemo. I figured wigs were a niche, I was going to need one, and the sad fact was that too many people were and still are being diagnosed with cancer, subsequently needing a wig. I worked at a very nice wig studio in Littleton where I learned that not only did I have a talent for working with hair pieces, human hair and synthetic. I also had a a talent for helping people who were going through a very, very hard time, possibly the hardest that they will ever face. My cancer was small and was treated only with removal and radiation (no Chemo). Thankfully I never had to lose my own hair, but I learned the importance of a good bed-side manner, the importance of treating people with empathy when you could and sympathy when you couldn't. Everyone is fighting a battle that no one knows about. Hair loss is one of those battles. A full head of great hair will make you feel like a million bucks.I have been working with medical, hereditary and tricotillomania clients and cancer patients since 2008. It is my passion and calling in life and I love it! Both synthetic and human. I'm also well versed at all types of hair styling including color, highlights, lowlights, mens' and womens' cuts and shaping. I'm also great with thick, fine and damaged hair. I am also expanding my business by learning the art of T.V. and movie make-up.

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