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Hair loss is a common genetic occurrence. At Rosanelli Medical Associates we will evaluate your condition and determine if you are a candidate for surgical hair restoration. Dr Rosasnelli will move a large number of very small permanent hair follicles (Follicular Units) from the back of your head to the areas that are lacking in hair. These follicular units, which generally range from 1-4 hairs, are then used to maintain the same natural pattern and appearance your hair originally had. Dr Rosanelli performs both FUE and Follicular Unit Strip techniques. Get the real answers to the pros and cons of each procedure. Then you can make an informed choice as to which process is best for youThere are also non-surgical ways to stop or slow hair loss.The medications Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil (Rogaine) can be used along with Low Level Laser Therapy (Capillus) when indicated. Give my office a call (1-800-743-4247) to set up an appointment to see Dr Rosanelli for an evaluation. There is NO FEE for this consultation. Avoid the confusion and let an EXPERT guide you through the process.Specialties: Medical and Surgical Hair Restoration

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