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Dr. Ted Miln
HeadQuarters Hair Transplants

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I make people feel good by regrowing their hair. I am a hair transplant surgeon and medical director of a small dedicated team serving people from all walks of life who value quality and the unique experience of our state of the art clinic in central Cardiff.We are building a service that addresses all hair problems. So far, we have brought on board an well-respected dermatologist as well as a knowledgeable trichologist and an award-winning scalp micro-pigmentation practitioner. We are looking for plastic surgeons, barbers, GPs, psychiatrists, histopathologists, research scientists, wig-fitters and anyone interested in treating hair loss to join us on our mission.My goals:1. Make hair transplant surgery a legitimate and universally-accepted medical specialty with standardised accredited training and regulatory bodies equivalent to other medical and surgical specialties.2. To build a multi-disciplinary team of professionals working in close collaboration to be able to say to any referrer:“Send us your hair-related problems and we can treat it!”3. To drive innovation. I want to import techniques and export applications, in order to unlock the immense potential of this deeply fascinating new branch of medicine.Reach out and join me.

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