Hair transplant in Turkey

Disclaimer: We're NOT a clinic, and we work with multiple clinics, so we're not in a position to compete with any of them.

Hair transplant will be a $40+ billion industry by 2026.

A common practice among clinics is to buy fake reviews.

You can buy one only for 12 cents:

Some hair transplant clinics buy thousands of fake Google reviews

Keep in mind that even if bad ones are a fraction of all reviews, clinics may maintain that ratio by constantly purchasing fake ones.

But of course, most clinics don't prefer unethical business practices. You need to find someone you can trust as a referral, and then you will have peace of mind, knowing that your health is not at risk.

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And here are some of the reviews that the clinics don't want you to see:

We help hair transplantation clinics increase their visitor-to-lead ratio.

Which one is more satisfactory for a potential patient? Seeing the hairline of some strangers?
Or their future self after a successful hair transplantation operation?
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