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Which is the best hair transplant method? Why?

There are numerous hair transplant methods, each with a set of pros and cons, to choose from. But which of these methods is the best hair transplant method and why?
Which is the best hair transplant method? Why?
Which is the best hair transplant method? Why?
Follicular Unit Extraction and Direct Hair Implant are the best hair transplant methods.
There are several methods used for a hair transplant procedure. However, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Follicular Unit Transaction (FUT), and Direct Hair Implant (DHI) top them all. Of the three, surgeons usually do not suggest FUT unless the patient is not suitable to undergo the other two methods. The reason behind this is that FUT is a technique where your surgeon will extract each healthy follicle individually and graft it on the recipient site. This is a painful process that can lead to many complications. The wounds cut during this procedure are large and stitched in the end. Due to this, there are also high chances of infection and dead tissue cells. Hence, FUE and DHI are given priority.
There’s no one true answer to which is the best method between FUE and DHI. The reason is that the answer depends on your requirements and situations.
FUE and DHI are both minimally invasive techniques that can successfully help you grow natural-looking hair on thinning or bald sites. DHI is an upgraded version of the FUE procedure. The only significant difference between the two is that grafting in FUE is done by creating channels and then implanting the follicles and that in DHI is done directly with the help of a pen-shaped tool without the need for creating channels.
What Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best Method for You?
While selecting the best method for your hair transplant, you need to consider the following factors:
  • Age: It is believed that DHI is better suited for patients under 35. The reason is that hair fall is not very progressive and excessive in patients younger than 35. Hence, the DHI procedure results are better compared to other age groups.
  • The number of grafts: DHI procedure can only be used to implant a maximum of 4000 grafts in one sitting. However, FUE can help cover a greater area based on the number of healthy donor sites available.
  • Canal drilling: FUE procedure requires your surgeon to create channels before grafting hair follicles manually. There is no need to develop channels or canals during the DHI process, as the surgeon can directly implant the follicles.
  • Surgeon’s experience: DHI is a relatively new method introduced for hair transplants. However, to complete the DHI method, your surgeon needs to have experience using the pen-shaped tool for grafting.
All-in-all, there’s no one single answer. You need to consult your surgeon to select the best method for hair transplant for you. He or she will be the right person to help you make a conclusive decision. Hence, the right way to find the best method for a hair transplant for you is to consult with your surgeon.

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