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Which is better, a hair transplant or a shaved head?

When you find out that your scalp is visible, the first question that comes to mind is whether you should go for a hair transplant to tackle it or shaving your head will be a better option.
Which is better, a hair transplant or a shaved head?
Which is better, a hair transplant or a shaved head?
If you want your head to have natural-looking hair, a hair transplant is better for you. But if you are comfortable showing your bald head and it suits your personality, you can go with shaving your head too. You can find several celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and Terry Crews with a clean, shaved head and looking dapper. So, it depends on your preferences. 
Shaving your head is a better choice for you if:
  • You are comfortable with not having hairs on your head
  • It blends with your personality or enhances it
  • You are under 60 years
  • You are not suitable for a hair transplant (excessive hair loss, Diffuse Hair Loss condition, Alopecia Areata, etc.)
But if you don’t fall into the above categories and want to have natural-looking hair on your scalp, a hair transplant is the best choice for you.
The best thing about hair transplants is that while the techniques have evolved, the costs have gone down significantly in countries like Turkey and India.
Also, the success ratio is over 95%, making it almost a sure-shot way to get natural-looking hairs.
There’s also a popular myth that shaving your head will regrow stronger hairs. If you are shaving your head for that reason, a hair transplant will be better for you as shaving won’t result.

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