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What would happen if you shaved your head after a hair transplant?

Many patients want to have natural-looking hair straight away after a hair transplant. Hence, they try to shave the head after the procedure to hide hair irregularities. But is it safe to shave your head after a hair transplant? No, it is not. Read on to know why.
What would happen if you shaved your head after a hair transplant?
What would happen if you shaved your head after a hair transplant?
If you shave after a hair transplant, there are high chances that your transplanted hair grafts will fall off, impairing the surgery results.
Shaving after a hair transplant is recommended only after 1 to 1.5 months.
When you undergo a hair transplant, the hair follicles transplanted to the recipient site need at least two weeks to get a firm hold and settle on the scalp. Hence, if you shave within two weeks, the hair follicles can easily fall off even due to a bit of trauma. If this happens, your hair won’t look natural.
After 3 to 4 weeks, you can have a haircut with scissors and no sharp tools.
Another primary reason not to shave after a hair transplant is that your scalp is too sensitive during this time. Like every other part of your body, even your scalp needs time to recover after a hair transplant. The recovery time is usually around one month. If you shave your head during this time, leading to any wound on your scalp, there are high chances of infection. This can also lead to an extended recovery period.
You can shave the donor area even after a couple of weeks post surgery. Since the donor area is normal and hasn’t undergone any surgery, you can shave it. But if you do so, it will expose the recipient area to sunlight and lead to inflammation. Hence, it is recommended not to shave the donor area so that the long hairs in the donor area can protect the recipient area.

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