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Does hair transplant cause cancer?

Are you afraid that if gone wrong, a hair transplant can cause cancer? Or are you wondering that cancer is a side effect of hair transplants? If yes, read on to find answers to your questions.
Does hair transplant cause cancer?
Does hair transplant cause cancer?
A hair transplant cannot cause cancer. There is no evidence or direct link between hair transplant and any type of cancer.
Cancer is the growth of abnormal cells that may or may not gradually spread to other parts of the body. Several reasons and factors can lead to cancer. However, the primary reason behind this myth is that most organ transplants lead to cancers. However, this is also precisely the reason that proves it otherwise.
Organ transplants can cause cancer. However, hair is not an organ. Although a part of the body, our hair is made up of a tough protein called keratin. The keratin helps protect your hair and scalp from harmful substances.
Since hair is not an organ, it cannot cause cancer.
Another scientific reason for the cause of cancer post organ transplants is that the organs come from a foreign body and are implanted inside the patient’s body. However, for hair transplants, the donated hair is taken only from the patient’s body. Hence, it also mitigates the chances of any foreign substance that can cause cancer inserted in our body.
Thus, it is clear that hair transplants do not cause cancer. It is just a myth. Hair transplant is a safe procedure carried out carefully under the supervision of expert surgeons. Hence, you don’t need to worry about any significant side effects until the surgeon is experienced.

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