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Can a person have multiple hair transplants?

When are multiple transplants not possible? Can I have multiple transplants without any health complications? Are multiple transplants possible?
Can a person have multiple hair transplants?
Can a person have multiple hair transplants?
A person can have multiple hair transplants, but it depends on suitability. If you have gone through a hair transplant from a low-quality clinic, a second transplant might not be possible as it can lead to complications. Similarly, if you do not have enough healthy follicles left in your donor area, your surgeon won’t advise going through a second hair transplant.
A second hair transplant is recommended after 10-12 months from the first procedure.
So when can a person have multiple hair transplants?
Irregular density from the first transplant
While the success rate of a hair transplant is over 95%, not all hair follicles grow to be as good as your natural hair. This can lead to irregularities in hair density. Natural hairs might look denser than transplanted hairs. In such a situation, a person can have a second hair transplant.
Baldness progresses after the hair transplant
Baldness in both men and women is subject to several factors, including heredity, age, etc. Hence, when and how a person’s baldness pattern changes are unpredictable, especially at an early age. A second hair transplant is possible if the pattern changes post-surgery and a different area starts to thin.
A person can have multiple hair transplants without any health complications
More than 4,000 grafts required
If the recipient area for a hair transplant is so large that it will require more than 4,000 grafts, a hair transplant over multiple sittings will be recommended. The thing is that most patients need less than 4,000 grafts. But if the number is more, a second sitting is required to avoid complications.

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