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At what age hair transplant can be done?

What is the best age for a hair transplant? Can I have a hair transplant in my 20s?
At what age hair transplant can be done?
At what age hair transplant can be done?
This post will discuss when an individual might have hair transplant surgery. There is no specific age for a person to undergo a hair transplant surgery, and it all depends on the extent of baldness in an individual and their lifestyle.
If you're 21 years old and balding, you might want to go in for surgery sooner than if you're 81 years old and balding.
Your hairline determines when a hair transplant is needed. The rule of thumb is to wait until your hairline is at least 50% gone before having a hair transplant.
If you are balding and have a nice stable hairline, it would be ideal to see a doctor and decide if you want to go in for surgery. We've seen patients as young as 19 balding with a 50%+ hair loss pattern.
You can go in for a hair transplant if you're 18 years old, balding with a hair loss pattern at 50-60% of your head. However, the experts recommend waiting until your hairline is closer to 50% gone before going in for any surgery.
If the hair transplant doesn't work out, you have no other choice but to choose another treatment method, such as having a permanent wave or taper down your hairline with only 1 - 2 hairs per head.

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