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Are hair transplants reliable?

A scientific study shows how reliable hair transplants are.
Are hair transplants reliable?
Are hair transplants reliable?
Hair transplants are a reliable and safe option for people who suffer from hair loss. The risks that come with it, such as failure or low quality, are avoidable and uncommon.

With an increased number of patients and clinics performing hair transplants, there has been an increase in the success rates of the procedure. Patients can be assured that they will receive safe and effective treatment at a highly reputable clinic.

According to a recent study by Dr. Jyoti Gupta, hair transplants are based on the phenomenon of "donor dominance," which means that the hair grafts will maintain their characteristics after being transplanted to a new site. This is because the dominant follicles in the donor area will produce more androgens (male hormones), which triggers a reaction in the recipient area.

He studied five patients, two of whom were in Grade 6 baldness, with the other three having Grade 7 baldness. The study compares the survival rate of the grafts after a one-year time frame, and the mean rate is 60%.

One factor which cannot be overlooked is whether or not you have enough donor hair available on your scalp to provide the required grafts for the operation. Without sufficient donor hair, there may not be enough follicles to offer all the needed grafts needed to produce new hairs.

So the best way to determine if your hair transplant operation in Turkey will be successful is to consult your specific case with a licensed doctor.

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