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What is your experience of having a hair transplant?

I had a hair transplant surgery two years ago in Turkey. Here’s how was my experience:
What is your experience of having a hair transplant?
What is your experience of having a hair transplant?
I had a pretty good experience of having a hair transplant. Actually, I was a little nervous at the start. But then, as I came to know more about the procedure and was able to see the results post-surgery, it was a relief.
I was facing significant hair loss a few years back. It was primarily due to stress and my lifestyle. That’s when I got worried and started looking for a solution on the internet, where I learned about hair transplant surgery. I researched more and realized that Turkey is one of the best places to have a hair transplant. This is due to low costs and equally good services.
I started looking out for hair transplant clinics in Turkey. After finding a clinic, I went there to consult with my surgeon. After finding out about the different options, I chose the FUE method.
I had an FUE hair transplant two years ago in Turkey
The team started by shaving my head. While some procedures allow undergoing a hair transplant without shaving your head, shaving is highly advised. The reason is that shaved head allows better visibility to the surgeon. It also helps facilitate hair follicles extraction and grafting. After shaving the head, I was given local anesthesia.
The pre-surgery preparation and planning took less than an hour
The anesthesia stage is the only time you might experience some minor pain. Apart from that, the entire surgical procedure is easily bearable in terms of pain. My surgery duration was 7 hours. But it can take anywhere from 6 to 10 hours based on the number of grafts required.
My surgeon and the team gave me all the information and tips for the post-surgery period. All the information helped me during the recovery period. I was recommended a special foam shampoo during the third day of the surgery.
I would indeed recommend a hair transplant if you are facing hair fall and want to have natural-looking hair on your head.
From the third week of the surgery, I experienced the shock loss period. It was terrifying for some time because even the natural hairs around the recipient area started falling. However, it was a minor, very common, and temporary side-effect of the surgery. Since the fourth week, my hair started growing again, and I was delighted. But month 4 was the first time I was pleased with my hair transplant results. Since then, I never had to be ashamed of my bald head. You can look at my week-by-week and month-by-month results here.

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