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Gary Perrault
Gary L. Perrault, MD

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Dr. Gary Perrault is a board certified physician and surgeon with a private practice in Beverly Hills, California and over twenty years experience, treating various hair loss related problems in men, women, and children. He specializes in restoration of the scalp and facial hair-bearing areas, including sideburn and eyebrow reconstruction. A large part of Dr. Perrault's practice involves the treatment of patients with prior unsatisfactory hair restoration surgery results and the repair of hair loss related problems following cosmetic or reconstructive procedures.Dr. Perrault has a vast experience as a practitioner and as a distinguished teacher, having trained prominent physicians throughout the United States in the art and science of hair restoration surgery. Dr. Perrault's practice is distinguished by a passion for artistic and technical detail that has produced numerous proprietary techniques involving microsurgical dissection and transposition of follicular unit grafts.

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